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My name is Stephanie Anne Landers. I've been modeling for over seven years. My current residence is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I also pursue a career in acting and singing.

I'm creative, energetic, easy-going, and always open to new challenges! My modeling started with posing for an artist and has followed an artistic slant ever since. I have a natural ability to pose and enjoy finding different ways of expressing myself. I have a diverse background of physical training - gymnastics, dance, yoga, and theatre - which help lend strength, poise, and drama to my work.


I am in a constant pursuit of my own creative and artistic voice. I want to work with people who agree that it is a conversation between model and artist; who bring their own ideas and concepts and allow me to bring in some of mine. I love work with blurred movement, multiple exposures, or ghostly qualities. A different way of looking at the world is always refreshing! I'd also love to explore more high fashion opportunties.

I am available for work in the Albuquerque area for both photographers and other types of visual artists. I am also open to traveling and do so regularly! I do expect appropriate compensation for all work arranged, including travel expenses. I can do my own hair and makeup, but if you want something specific, it might be good to have someone else take care of it!


I hope you enjoy your visit into my world.
Please remember that if you are under the age of 18 you are discouraged from seeing nudity in the public domain.